"Introduction to Mindfulness for Athletes"
Six Week Series
CES and Ann Elliott are pleased to present “Introduction to Mindfulness for Athletes.”  Sports performance is the latest frontier in Mindfulness and we are excited to offer this introductory experience as the lead in to a six-week program.   The six-week program will be delivered on Saturdays using a combination of interactive phone sessions and in-person (IP) sessions as noted.  
Week One:  Introduction and Awareness of Breath- Feb 17th (IP)
  • Basics of Mindfulness  
  • Guided practice of Awareness of Breath  (AOB)
Week Two:  Anchoring Awareness and Body Scan- Feb 24th
  • Strengthening attention by anchoring awareness in the body
  • Guided practice and review of AOB
Week Three: Mindful Movement and Practice of AOB and Body Scan- March 3rd (IP)
  • Stretching to heighten awareness of body and energy 
  • Guided practice of Body Scan and AOB
Week Four:  The Art and Paradox of Non-Striving- March 10th
  • Seven Essential Attitudes
  • Co-existence of Goals and Acceptance 
Week Five:  Embodying Mindfulness- March 17th
  • In Performance and in Life 
Week Six:  Celebrating Your Start. Keeping Your Routine- TBD (IP)
  • Guided practice of Body Scan and AOB
  • Next Steps
Whether by phone or in-person, each session will last approximately 90 minutes, will include time for guided practice and will encourage sharing of experiences while learning from the experiences of others.   There will be “homework” between sessions as well as support via email Q&A.