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What is VO2 max?  What are the ventilatory thresholds?

VO2 max is your body's maximal capacity to take in and use oxygen to do work.  The higher this number is, the better your potential capacity to perform well in endurance sports.  This value is trainable up to a certain extent but is also limited by genetics.

Pace and power at ventilatory thresholds, however, can continue improving with training.  Ventilatory threshold 1 (VT1) is related to the first continual increase in the volume of air expired and reflects the power and pace you could continually hold for several hours.  Ventilatory threshold 2 (VT2) is closely related to lactate threshold and reflects the power and pace you could do for about 60 minutes.

Do you test VT1, 2 and VO2 all in the same test?

Yes.  We do this to get the best overall picture of your current training, race pace predictions, and how that matches up with your season goals.

How should I prepare for my test?

This is a high intensity effort, and you will want to treat it like you are preparing for a race.  Be sure to stay well hydrated in the days before.  We recommend performing a very short workout with a few short high intensity efforts the day prior to the test, and then avoiding exercise the morning of the test.  Further instructions will be provided when signing  up.

Can you help me change my running form the first day?

Maybe.  If you perform a Movement Assessment and Video Analysis alone or as part of the Running Performance Package, you'll go through a series of movements testing strength, stability, and symmetry and then we'll compare those results with what we see in the video.  At CES, we strongly believe in helping you move well by addressing the areas of imbalance prior to changing your gait.  Why?  If your body is not able to perform the movement asked, then you're likely to create compensations elsewhere in your form that can be detrimental to your running performance.  Your current movement capabilities will dictate how much we directly address your running gait on day one.

I am having pain while running.  Can you help me with that?

We do not test athletes while they have a current injury.  Pain will alter your movement patterns and needs to be addressed.  Please contact us if you are not sure if you qualify and we can help determine if testing is right for you now or help you find an appropriate healthcare provider if necessary.

Can you  tell me how many calories I am burning during exercise?

Absolutely!  By measuring and analyzing expired air, we can tell you the amount of calories you are burning and what percentages are coming from fats and carbohydrates.  If this is the primary thing you would like to learn, we recommend following up with an economy test to dial in these numbers.  These values can fluctuate with food intake and environmental conditions, but we'll discuss how you can best utilize these numbers as a baseline in your training and race prep.