Your Best Fall 140.6 or 70.3 Triathlon Starts Here!

If you’ve landed on this page, then you already know we’re offering a sweet package full of testing, follow ups, and FREE strength classes to help you best prepare for your fall race!   You’ve seen what all is offered, but you might want to know exactly how these services will help you.  Here are a few different scenarios.  If one of these resonates with you, reach out to us for more information.  CES is committed to not only helping you identify areas for improvement, but also to help you navigate the path to get there!

Who might this help?

  • First time long course athlete:  Dial in your paces, nutrition, and training ranges.
  • Need help with race pacing:  Is this hard enough?  Too hard?  As we identify your physiological threshold HR, powers, and paces you’ll have the chance to train with and become familiar with these over the next 3-5 months.
  • Trouble with cramping:  Research is finding that “premature fatigue” (read:  you’re going too hard and/or are inadequately trained) and “altered neuromuscular control” (can mean many things…but movement and strength imbalances, also know as altered neuromuscular control, can also lead to premature fatigue and cramping) are the primary reasons for muscle cramping.  We can help you find and address these issues.
  • Not running up to your potential:  Is just from the run?  How much is the bike playing a role?
  • Can’t get nutrition right:  Is it nutrition, or is poor pacing playing a role?  We can help you with that distinction and help you find someone to help with the nutritional component if needed.
  • Athletes who have plateaued:  You’ve been at this awhile, tried different training techniques, have your nutrition nailed–but you’re always in the same AG placing or hitting the same times.  Our individualized approach can help you find those one or two little changes that can help you make a break through in the race.

Stuff you’ll get and other cool things

I say “cool” because I’m a nerd.  But it really is so cool!

  1.  The Running Assessment (2.5 hours).  You’ll get a VO2/threshold test on the treadmill, a movement screen, and a video analysis of your running form.  We’ll review the data, applicability to your training, and start you off with exercises (if needed) to address imbalances.
    • Cool stuff you’ll learn
      •  If you have strength or movement asymmetries that effect your running speed, form, and economy
      • A sense of your physiological profile–do you need more work on boosting your VT1 speed (most important component for IM and 70.3!).  Or maybe your VT1 is already very close to your VT2 and you could benefit from focusing on increasing 10k speed first.
      • Calorie burn at estimated race intensities.  This can help with race nutrition planning.
      • Your area of opportunity–more training?  Different intervals?  Strength?
  2. Cycling VO2/threshold testing (1.25 hours).  You’ll go through a VO2/threshold test on the bike to get your HR and power at different physiological thresholds.  Gauging bike intensity during the race is key to making sure you’re not holding back too much or pushing too hard.  We all know that going too hard on the bike can quickly turn your run into a walk!
    • Cool stuff you’ll learn
      •  Like the run VO2/threshold testing, you’ll get a sense of what areas you can focus your training on as well as calorie burn at these race intensities.
  3. Follow up testing and assessments (~60 min each).  Rome wasn’t built in a day.  Neither is an IM or 70.3 athlete.  There is always room for improvement, and these follow up sessions help ensure that you are making progress towards being your best on race day.  Follow up metabolic testing may include an economy test and/or follow up VO2/threshold to adjust your ranges.  Follow up assessments will either progress your exercises and/or help you make changes to running form as needed.
  4. Weekly periodized strength training (~60 minutes each).   We’ll offer two classes per week at set times.  These are FREE when you sign up for the “My Best Fall Triathlon” package.  These will be periodized group classes aimed at having you at peak muscular strength and endurance for the fall race season!

In all, you’ll receive:

  • One Running Assessment (2.5 hours)
  • One follow up run VO2/threshold or economy test (1.25 hours)
  • Two VO2/threshold and/or economy tests (initial and follow up) (1.25 hours each)
  • Three movement/video follow up sessions (60 min each)
  • Two FREE group strength classes per week (set times).  Also access to the workouts online if you cannot make the session in person.

Total package value is $1300, but we’re offering all of these services for $799 per person.  This can be paid in full or in three monthly payments.

Contact Comprehensive Endurance Solutions at 404-984-4256 or email for more info.  We’re excited to help you meet your racing goals this year!

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